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Life in a small city. January 28, 2010

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I’m living in a small city in Saskatchewan now and I have to say that it is just really not fun anymore. I can’t even begin to explain how boring it really is. I have no friends, I sit at home alone (when I am not at school or work) either reading or watching TV, sometimes I surf the net (which I only have cause I got a roommate), and really it’s all getting to me these days.

I have a boyfriend. We have been dating for about 3 months now, and he’s really just amazing! So good to me and so sweet. He is leaving on Saturday to Alberta for work and I honestly don’t know what I am going to do without him here. He is my only source of entertainment some nights. He will be gone for months at a time and when he comes home I will only see him for a few days and I know it’s going to kill me a little bit every time he comes home and leaves again. If he saw this he would probably say I am too intense but my emotions are strong, and I feel the need to express them somewhere!

I feel so out-of-place at cooking school, it’s not at all what I had thought it would be, and I still feel like I haven’t found my place in the world. I wish I had something; I mean I wish I had something I was amazing at, that I could do forever and would always make me happy. At this point I don’t have anything like that. I think everyone is born to do something, and I’m worried I will never find my something (I am rambling) but I just hope that’s understood is all.

My dog died a few days ago. Most tragic even of 2010 for me. He was old and sick; it was really his time to go.

Thoughts are in cyber space now. No taking them back. At least they aren’t just floating around in my head anymore.


Having no internet!!! OMG!! October 8, 2009

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Hey people it’s been a long time! I have moved to Moose Jaw, I am going to cooking school, and soon hopefully will be starting a new blog about the class I am taking.

Lets talk about the topic at hand here! I have no internet! I never thought I would be dependent on something so bad but I am! It is terrible! I don’t know what to do cause I simply can’t afford it at this time and I really want to get my new blog started! Leave me some comments so that when I get another chance to some on here I have something to read!


I have a serious addiction… June 6, 2009

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Let me expand on that title because it sounds like I’m doing drugs or something! I have an addiction to tattoo’s!  I got my first tattoo on March 13th which was a Friday this year, the tattoo is a 13 with a tiny butterfly sitting on the 1, and you may see a trend with the number 13 there; well you see its a thing that some tattoo shops do on Friday the 13th every year. They do hundreds of tattoo’s on that day all costing 13 dollars a piece, which is a good deal if you think about how much tattoo’s normally cost, and this tattoo for me was a test of pain since I had planned on getting some serious ink done in the future.

13 tat

It's a little hard to see but thats it.

So now it comes to the tattoo’s I had planned on getting in the future. Last month I got a few of them done, and I have to say that they are so addictive I have already planned on getting 4 more!! I have a great artist who does my tattoo’s, he does awesome work, and isn’t very expensive which is always a bonus! I got 3 done at a time to save money on set up, and such. I got a dragonfly between my shoulder blades, a flower on my wrist, and a band logo on the top of my foot. Now let’s talk about pain here, Kris (my tattoo guy) told me I was one tough cookie for getting 3 of the most painful places all in one day! The worst was the foot I yelled a lot of profanities when I was getting that one done, the wrist was the second worst not terrible but not fun at the same time, and the back was like nothing compared to the other two. I really like the pain that you feel when getting a tattoo it’s almost soothing in a way, yes I know I’m weird.

Getting the color started.

Getting the color started.

All done! Love it!

All done! Love it!

So pretty...I plan to add my childrens names under...once I have children that is!

So pretty...I plan to add my children's names under...once I have children that is!

This is my moms fave of the 4 that I have now.

This is my moms fave of the 4 that I have now.

Well that’s it so far but I have big plans for more! I want a rib piece, a 4 leaf clover, and numerous other designs put onto my body! Like I said I am seriously addicted! I also think everybody should appreciate how people express themselves even if it’s through body art! Don’t be afraid to do something crazy every once in a while either!


My Google account is messed up!! April 21, 2009

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Hey people!! I haven’t done a post in so long it’s crazy! This is mostly me complaining again haha! So I have been on the net a lot lately and I decided to check my Gmail, and fix up my iGoogle page. I went into both and nothing is the way it was!! All my contacts are gone, and my iGoogle page was very, very boring. I don’t know what happened to it but I am not exactly happy about it! This is pretty much it for this post…if you read it an happen to know why this happened let me know alright? I need answers!!

Edit!! Ok so I just went to my iGoogle page an its normal but my contacts in my email are all gone!


Skype much? March 11, 2009

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I was asked that question last night while I was talking to a friend over MSN Messenger which is very dated and I had been looking for something new to use to communicate with people in the same kind of instant message way. So my friend Scott suggested I download Skype and try it out.

I have used Skype before but never really thought it was something like MSN, and I thought it cost money. It does cost money but that’s only if you use it like a phone instead of the instant messaging kind of way. So I did it, I downloaded the program and set up my account, I added the only two people I know who use Skype, played around with the settings, and beat my friend Matt at a game of Chinese Checkers!

I really think that Skype could help me for when I travel after I get my culinary certificate, and I would love for anyone who reads this and uses Skype to add me. I really want to travel to places like Paris for cooking reasons and to Ireland just because I love it there. My Skype account thing is courtney.blackstock and I can’t wait to meet new people who love food as much as I do.

That reminds me I am going to be making a new blog soon (since I was accepted into the culinary course at Siast) it will be called “The diary of a culinary student” (I think…unless somebody can think of a better name) and I will post everything from what I am doing in class to how much I am going to hate the trip to Moose Jaw every day for my classes! After I get the certificate from Siast I plan to go to Calgary, or Toronto and attend the pastry school there for the two year program (keep your fingers crossed that I get in) and then I want travel the globe to learn more skills from real chefs.

I think I may have really found the thing that I want to do for the rest of my life…that is crazy because I am a very indecisive person. I hope I am good at it! Wish me luck, school starts on August 24th I believe and I am super excited!


I’m honestly bored… February 4, 2009

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I have been out of school since…well…the second semester started! I quit because I couldn’t take it anymore, so many people in the Education field just don’t make any sense at all, and I couldn’t handle the work load plus work a part time job to pay my tuition. I have had a lot of free time and lately it hasn’t been a lot of fun. I haven’t been sleeping well I mean it’s 5:14AM on a Wednesday and I am not tired at all…yet I was up at 11AM and did the same thing yesterday! I don’t know what is wrong with me! I also have been doing a lot and I mean A LOT; of online shopping (not good for the credit card) and I have found that websites these days are just absurd when is comes to pricing! Hell even eBay isn’t cheap anymore! I got some sweet stuff but like I said it wasn’t cheap at all, and I am disappointed in the comparative pricing on websites these days. Normally (like in a store) the stores try to beat each others prices but online nobody does that, especially on eBay!

I watched “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” about 45 minutes ago and it was good…OK this was to make me tired and it’s not working so I’m done for tonight.

I’m reading a new Vampire series (it’s not really new just new to me is all) and so I should have some more to say about Vampires, authors, actors, and dumb choices made by the later two!

Also I realize this post sucks…ignore it please!


Twilight news! January 12, 2009

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So I know that some people are not going to like what I have to say but that is just too bad because it is the truth! There are big changes said to be taking place in the next movie from the Twilight novel series, changes that will either make or break the popularity of not only the movie and cast but Stephenie Meyer the author of the novels.

Robert Pattison/Edward Cullen

Possible changes to be made:

  1. Robert Pattison is said to get more time in the movie, this is a terrible idea because it will take away from the whole point of the second book! Edward (Rob’s character) leaves Bella (the lead character) in fear for her life, she spends a bunch of time with Jacob Black (her best friend really), he falls in love with her, while Bella is trying to get over the love of her life through the whole book (its a rough book), and in the end Edward comes back. So giving Robert more time in the movie would just make Twerds really angry!
  2. Jacob Black is currently played by Taylor Lautner who is only 16 and he did a wonderful job in Twilight but I really don’t think that he is old enough, nor does he look old enough to play the older more mature Jacob in the next three movies! My fellow Twerds need to be logical when it comes to this because really think about how fast Jacob grows in book two, Taylor Lautner is just too young to do it! Also I do not agree with the possible replacement choice either. Michael Copon is one of many choices lined up to take Taylor’s place, they look a lot alike but I just don’t know about it, I think that Jacob gets well sexy as he matures and I don’t think this Michael is as good looking as our little Taylor. I really think that Steven Strait would make an awesome older, sexier, more mature Jacob Black and that could just be cause that’s who I think of when I read the book but oh well.

    Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black

  3. I just read in this magazine (I buy anything with Twilight news in it) and there is also talk of Ben Barnes, who played Prince Caspian in the Narnia sequel, wanting to play Aro in the next movie, and I think he would be perfect for the role. He is good looking but could be scary, serious, and dangerous too.

So far that’s all I have for news in the Twilight area of things, post a comment on this and let me know what you think of everything.


Be on the look out for my new blog that could be showing up within the next 4-6 months, I am quiting school and working till the fall. I will hopefully be accepted into the Culinary certificate at Siast in Moose Jaw!